Kiltz Cups

Unique Hand Crafted Glazed Ceramic Espresso and Coffee Cups (and sometimes plates and vases)

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How it Works

Each and every Kiltz Cup is crafted with love and attention in Dr. Robert Kiltz's Pottery studio in beautiful Skaneateles New York.

  • Select Your Size

    We keep things simple. Kiltz Cups are crafted in two main but somewhat variable sizes: espresso and coffee. You choose.

  • We Ship You a Mystery Cup

    After your purchase, Dr. Kiltz selects a unique cup just for you, packages it with love, and sends it on its way.

  • Happily Ever After

    Once you receive your one of a kind cup, you'll live the rest of your life in utter bliss as you enjoy the elixirs of your choosing in a cup fit for a king or queen.

Kiltz Cup Examples

brown espresso cup being held
dark black vase

turquoise bowl being held with black backround

blue and white ceramic cups

Why Can't I Choose a Specific Cup

As a passion project, Kiltz Cups is here to share the joy of drinking your favorite beverage out of a beautiful and hand crafted ceramic. Each and every one of us is unique, just like my cups. Because I glaze my cups with raw material that changes by the week and is based on what I have around and have limited ability to photograph and inventory each and every individual cup, sending a mystery cup is what I'm currently able to offer. I believe you'll love any cup you receive but if you're not completely satisfied, contact us using the form below and we'll make it right.

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